Personal Finance and Budgeting Tips for Average Folks

Most people hear the words “personal finance” and their eyes glaze over. I know mine did for a long time. I always felt that I needed everything lined up before I took any action. But then life got in the way, and those ambitious goals of getting everything set up got set aside. Then it was three years later and we were in the same place we were before. What’s scary is that a lot people I’ve talked to are in a similar situation.

There’s a misconception that you need to have money to make money on a big scale. While that’s technically true, it paralyzes people from taking action. They say things like, “Once I save $10,000 I’ll be able to hire someone to invest my money,” or “Once I get some of these debts paid off, I can start thinking about getting ahead and saving for retirement.”

What I realized is that personal finance isn’t about the big picture goals and objectives, it’s about the little steps along the way. Once you focus on the small steps, like getting a handle on your household budget or paying an extra $50 per month toward your highest interest debt, all of a sudden, you find yourself taking control of your financial future and working toward your financial goals.

Squirrel Away Now. Earn Millions Later.

It’s these small steps that we’ll cover on The Modest Millions Show. We’ll discuss personal finance strategies for average folks like you and me so we can better understand and control our own financial destinies. We’ll cover everything from how to setup (and run) a budget, which is the most critical building block of any personal finance plan, to how to figure out what your “ideal retirement” looks like, to the exploration of supplemental and/or passive income streams that can help fuel your personal finance goals.

I’m Your Host, Phil

The Modest Millions Show | Personal Finance and Budgeting Tips for Average Folks

I fall squarely in the Average Folks category. I’m a husband, father, employee, mortgage holder, debtor and dog owner. I have dreams, goals and aspirations, and I try my best to keep those at the forefront, even though life always seems to get in the way. I want to take an active approach to my family’s finances and dictate what kind of future we have. I firmly believe that any sort of retirement income we enjoy will come from our own saving and investing, and not from a government program like Social Security.

Above all, I believe that there are too many others out there like me who want the same things out of life but get discouraged by an unnecessarily confusing and complex system. I aim to unravel the “mysteries” of personal finance so we can all achieve our own unique visions of financial independence. It all starts with a single step; let’s get started!